About Lee-Margaret

Lee-Margaret Borland, photographerArtistic photography is her passion. Lee-Margaret Borland can be usually found peering through her camera lens seeking memorable images. For her, these images tell wonderful stories and capture special times which she eagerly shares with her viewers.

Her photographic subjects come from all over the world including underwater vistas from most of the world’s warm water oceans. Lee-Margaret has had a particular affection for the Solomon Islands and the islands and reefs of the Caribbean. She studied with the internationally recognized underwater photographer Christopher Newbert.

Through the years Lee-Margaret developed special interests in the human face especially those of the young and elderly. Her diverse portfolio includes the indigenous people and animals, landscapes, and colorful gardens from places such as Africa, the Caribbean, the Orient, Europe, the Solomon Islands and North and South America. Her journeys are reflected in images from Australia, New Zealand, Indonesia, Turkey, the Greek and British Isles, Scandinavia, Russia, Arctic, Costa Rica, Panama, Canada, Galapagos Islands, Peru, Chile, Cuba, Patagonia, India, Nepal, and the French Polynesian Islands.

Lee-Margaret's work has also appeared on the cover of professional journals.

Numerous photographic awards have honored her art. The highest honor, however, comes from collectors who display her work in galleries, homes, offices, and shops in Europe, Canada, and in more than 40 states across our country.

Thoughts About My Art

As I focus my lens on a subject, I realize this is a small slice of life. Some slices are sweet; some are bitter. Some vibrant; others soft. Some either calm or chaotic. Others either colorful or bland… large or tiny…some complex and some simple. Whether land, sea or sky, my subjects are all different and singular. Yet, the images are alike in that they represent a split second in time. To me each image is a life special event. I have been fortunate to capture those images and share them with others. I see the subject and try to capture the moment. Then I let image tell the story.

One need not go far to find these moments. Open your eyes and see for yourself. They are everywhere!