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2022 Jacksonville Best Nature Photographer Award

Best Nature Photographer

Lee-Margaret Borland


Award-winning naturalist photographer Lee-Margaret Borland has traveled the world seeking those split-second instances when she can seize an exquisite moment of nature.

Lee-Margaret's unretouched work chronicles nature's colors, rhythms, and relationships with creatures large and small, landscapes broad, deep and tall, and the breathtaking beauty of nature's illuminations. Her signed, limited edition nature prints are unquestionably fine art ready to grace homes and offices.



Fountain abstract

Nature in Abstract

Heavenly Stairway


Brazilian sunset


The 12 Days of Christmas Aren't  What They Used to Be

It's almost Christmas again and we get to sing many wonderful carols.  One of our favorites is "The Twelve Days of Christmas".   The 12 days of Christmas is the period in Christian theology that marks the span between the birth of Christ and the coming of the Magi, the 3 wise men.  It was written during the Puritan Movement in England and is also known as "Twelvetide", a Christian celebration of the Nativity of Jesus Christ.  

Christmas Day is considered the first day of Christmas with the twelve days being December 25th through January 5th.  The best known English version was first printed in 1780.  It is thought to have French origins.  While the exact origin and meaning of the song are not known, it is thought to have originated from a children's memory game.  It is considered to have secular and religious implications.  It has been suggested that the gifts represent the food or sport of each month of the year. It also seems probable that the lines that exist today both in England and France are merely an irreligious travesty, the secular celebration.  Also, note that with the repeated stanzas of the gifts, exactly 364 gifts are given, one for each day of the year besides Christmas.  Many variations of the lyrics have existed at different times.  The most familiar version that we sing today comes from an English composer by the name of Frederic Austin, who published this version in 1909.

There is also the subtle translation known to the Catholic faith, representing the religious celebration.  From 1558 to 1829 Roman Catholics in England were not permitted to practice their faith openly.  Someone during that era wrote this carol as a way for young Catholics to study and learn their catechism.  "My true love" and the "partridge in a pear tree" represent Jesus Christ.  "2 turtle doves" are the old and new testaments of the bible and doves symbolize peace.  The "3 French hens" are faith, hope and love, the 3 gifts of the holy spirit.  "4 calling birds" are the 4 gospels, Matthew, Mark, Luke and John. "5 golden rings" describe the first 5 books of the old testament. "6 geese a-laying" refer to the first 6 days of creation.  "7 swans" represent the sevenfold gifts of the Holy Spirit.  These are Prophesy, Serving, Teaching, Exhortation, Contribution, Leadership, and Mercy.  "8 maids a-milking" are the 8 Beatitudes, Jesus' teachings of happiness.  "9 ladies dancing" are the 9 fruits of the Holy Spirit; Charity, Joy, Peace, Patience, Goodness, Mildness, Fidelity, Modesty and Continency. "10 lords a-leaping" are the ten commandments.  "11 pipers piping" represent the eleven faithful apostles.  "12 drummers drumming" are the twelve points of belief in the Apostles' Creed.

If you were to buy all 364 items today, the number of the items as repeated throughout the song over and over and over....you'd have to shell out $170,298.00!  Here is the cost of each gift:

1 partridge and a pear tree $217.17
2 turtledoves  300.00
3 French hens 181.50
4 calling birds 599.96
5 gold rings  825.00
6 geese a'laying  420.00
7 swans a'swimming  13,125.00
1,875 ea.
8 maids a'milking $58.00
9 ladies dancing 7,552.84
10 lords a'leaping       10,000.00
11 Pipers piping 2,748.87
12 drummers drumming 2,972.25

That's quite a gift!!!  And acquiring the items would be a challenge!

"I am Pretty" was taken in the Sydney and Walda Bestoff Sculpture Garden at the New Orleans Museum of Art in City Park.  This is a Mute Swan.  The name 'mute' derives from it being less vocal than other swan species.  It was introduced to North America, as it is native to Eurasia and the far north of Africa.  It is a large white swan with an orange beak bordered in black with a prominent black knob at the base of the bill.  Many biologists and conservationists consider the mute swan to be an ecologically damaging exotic species. This is due to it's voracious appetite that causes the destruction of aquatic habitats. They can have an aggressive behavior towards people and other water fowl during their nesting period.  Children beware!!  Mute swans in North America typically do not migrate.  The greatest recorded age of a banded mute swan was 19 years.  In captivity they have been recorded to have lived 30 to 40 years.


"I am Pretty" is available in table top to wall size, triple matted and with or without a frame.  The matted versions are yours at a 10% discount and the framed matted versions in sizes 11x14 and larger can be yours at a 15% discount.

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A good conscience is a continual Christmas.  --  Benjamin Franklin