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2022 Jacksonville Best Nature Photographer Award

Best Nature Photographer

Lee-Margaret Borland


Award-winning naturalist photographer Lee-Margaret Borland has traveled the world seeking those split-second instances when she can seize an exquisite moment of nature.

Lee-Margaret's unretouched work chronicles nature's colors, rhythms, and relationships with creatures large and small, landscapes broad, deep and tall, and the breathtaking beauty of nature's illuminations. Her signed, limited edition nature prints are unquestionably fine art ready to grace homes and offices.



Fountain abstract

Nature in Abstract

Heavenly Stairway


Brazilian sunset


We would like to share with you a new accomplishment.  We recently submitted images to the Cultural Center of Cape Cod for consideration in their APERTURES online photography competition.  The Gallery received the following notice:


Congratulations!  Your work has been selected to be a part of our APERTURES online gallery.  We received entries from all over the world, the quality of work was incredible, including you own.

The selected images are now on our website, www.cultural-center.org/apertures-2018/

We were inspired by the variety of the submissions and strength of the work and look forward to supporting the creative community for years to come.

On behalf of the Cultural Center of Cape Cod, thank you again for allowing us to consider your work for the online exhibition.  We wish you continuing success in your artistic endeavors.

"Sleeping Beauty " is our winning image! 

This colorful flamingo was captured in Homossasa, Florida. 

The sun was playing hide and seek with the clouds that day.  It peeked out and lit up this napping bird,  allowing for the perfect picture!

The Cultural Center was opened in 2007 and is located in South Yarmouth, Massachusetts.  Their motto is "All The Art for All of Us". Please visit their website. These images will be online indefinitely. 

Our "Sleeping Beauty" is available in table top to wall size, triple matted and with or without a frame.  The matted versions are yours at a 10% discount and the framed matted versions in sizes 11x14 and larger can be yours at a 15% discount.

Visit our website, www.throughthelensoflee-margaret.com for available sizes and prices.

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There are no rules for good photographs, there are only good photographs.

                                                                          —  Ansel Adams